AI (Artificial Intelligence)

The simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, especially computer systems

Application (App)

A piece of software that is downloaded by a user to a mobile device, and designed to perform a specific function

Big data

An umbrella term describing data sets that are too large or complex to be analysed by traditional data-processing software, and the analysis and systematic extraction of information from such data sets

Data protection

The process of safeguarding important, often personal or confidential, information from corruption, compromise or loss


The way in which many domains of public and private life are restructured around the use of computer technology

Digital administration of care

System that allows patients to make appointments online with hospitals and specialists. Also an online prescription refill system which means that prescriptions are sent to the patients local pharmacy without having to get a paper prescription

Digital education tools

Education tools including games (gamification) that help empower patients

Digital health

An overarching term that comprises eHealth (which includes mHealth), and emerging areas, such as the use of computing sciences in the fields of artificial intelligence, big data and genomics

Digital health application

The software, information and communication technology (ICT) systems, and communication channels used in the health sector, such as a software being used for health management information systems or an interactive messaging application (App)

Digital health architecture

An overview or blueprint used to design and describe how different digital applications (software and ICT systems) and other core functionalities will interact with each other within a given context

Digital health ecosystem

The combined set of digital health components representing the enabling environment, foundational architecture and information and communications technology (ICT) capabilities available in a given context or country

Digital health solution

Any device, software or other technology that fits into the paradigm of digital health and seeks to solve a problem for a set of actors or stakeholders in the field

Digital literacy

The ability to use computer-enabled information and communication technologies to find, evaluate, create, and communicate information, requiring both cognitive and technical skills

Digital personal assistant

Smart algorithm-powered (artificial intelligence), text or voice-based interfaces (chatbots) that can provide patients with information, help triage problems the patient is experiencing and provide initial advice and support to manage a problem

Digital technology

The branch of scientific or engineering knowledge that deals with the creation and practical use of digital or computerised devices, methods, systems, etc., or a digital device, method, system, etc., created by using this knowledge


The use of ICT in support of health and health-related fields, including health care services, health surveillance, health literature, and health education, knowledge and research. mHealth is a component of eHealth. The use of mobile and wireless technologies to support health objectives

Electronic health records

An electronic health record (EHR), or electronic medical record (EMR), is the systematized collection of health information about patients in a digital format. These records can be shared across different health care settings

Health monitoring

Digital platform or wearables that facilitate the collection of data on different aspects of health including quality of life and symptom experience. Patients can either input data to a digital platform or use devices worn on the body (wearables). Data can be shared real time with health professionals so that rapid action can be taken if there is a deviation from the norm. Data can also be shared with health professionals during a consultation. Platform can enable real world evidence of a disease experience to be collected

Medication support

Apps that help patients schedule their medications, remind them to take medications and when it’s time for a refill and inform them if there is an interaction between their medication

Online consultation with health professionals

Digital platform where patients can have an online consultation with a doctor or psychologist and have follow up consultation via SMS or email

Smart devices to support independent living

Smart devices that help patients manage a disability and live as independently as possible

Social networking

Online patient communities that enable patients to share information, understand better their condition and support each other

Wearable [technology]

A category of technological or ‘smart’ devices that can be worn on the body by a patient or a consumer that often include tracking information related to health and fitness